Dave Lutz

“Kristin Arnold is our “go-to” resource for inspiring our customers and team to raise the bar to make panels more exciting and informative.”

Diana Macalintal, Codirector, TeamRCIA

“Thank you so much! I just finished all seven videos and took lots of notes. Your info is so helpful and clear. I feel more confident […]

Stuart Wilkinson

I took your course, lived by your instructions and took my 3 panelist’s on the journey. Result was solid. The MC noted that the conversation really […]

Diane Leach

“Well done, Kristin.  You nailed it [our speaker/moderator training]!!  Thank you.”

Steve Shain

“Kristin, you did a phenomenal and extremely professional job as moderator. Thank you! Highly recommend.”

Wayne Cooper

“Kristin Arnold is an expert public speaker and moderator who knows how to make meetings engaging, insightful and valuable.  In this priceless book, she shares her […]

Taya Paige

“Kristin Arnold is truly the best moderator I have had the pleasure to work with. She was instrumental in helping our sales and marketing team properly […]

Haleigh Callison

“Appreciate your videos and tips – they have been very helpful and calming. I am a nerd who likes to prepare and these have definitely helped […]

Ken Ferguson

Kristin, thank you so much! Been in business 40 years but have never been invited to moderate a panel at a conference – so this was […]

Brad Burchnell, ASQ, QCM, OE

“Kristin is fierce on stage whether moderating panels or presenting.”

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