A Fun Technique to Open Your Next Panel Discussion

Innovative Panel Discussion Format: “The P-Cubed Format”
December 14, 2017
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January 8, 2018

Take a cue from Improv with this fun, conversational opening to your next panel discussion:

Start with a provocative question to the panelists while explaining to the audience that you will be using an Improv technique called “Yes and” for the panelists to answer.  Direct your question to the first panelist.  After 5 seconds or so, ring a bell, shout to “switch” or send some other signal for the next panelist to continue the thread.  Panelist #2 then talks for about 5 seconds or so and the panel moderator sends the signal etc.

Inspired by Halina St. James, (pictured) this is a great technique to use to when you have many, many panelists on stage and want to get them all involved quickly.

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