10 Top-Rated Blog Posts on Panel Discussions in 2015

Democratic Primary Debate: How Did the Debate Moderators Do?
December 21, 2015
Add a Little Crossfire to Your Panel Discussion
January 20, 2016

Happy New Year to all panelists, panel moderators, and those who may be preparing or perfecting their skills for an upcoming panel discussion. Per our tradition, Joe and I are spending the week updating our strategic plans.  We review the past year’s metrics while noting our accomplishments and things we would have done differently.  We also reflect on the upcoming years – the opportunities and threats/limitations to our businesses.  You can take a look at the process we use each year here as well as how to turn it into a Daily Useful Living One-Page Plan.

As we go through this period of reflection, we just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your readership and all the support you have given us in the last year.  AND we are wishing you a wildly successful 2016!

Here are our top 10 most popular posts for 2015:

  1. How to Prepare Your Panelists to be Brilliant

  2. How a Moderator Can Deal with Subliminal Sexism in a Panel

  3. How Much Research Should the Panel Moderator Do?

  4. How and When to Manage Audience Q&A

  5. 9 Reasons Why Comic-Con Panels Are So Popular

  6. Add a Little Pizzazz To Your Next Panel Program

  7. How to Get Your Panel Discussion Proposal Approved by Conference Organizers

  8. Attention Meeting Professionals: The Main Reason Your Panels are Boring

  9. 10 Actions Moderators Can Do AFTER the Panel Discussion is Over

  10. How to Select a Panel Moderator for a Panel Presentation


If you happened to love the commentary on the political debate moderators performance over the past few months, be sure to share:

Democratic Primary Debate: How Did the Debate Moderators Do?

Republican Primary Presidential Debate Moderation was Snarky and Awkward

Republican Presidential Primary Debate: How Did the Moderators Do?


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