American Idol Hot Seat Panel Discussion Format
March 7, 2018
Panel Discussion Technique: Question Behind the Question
March 29, 2018

Here’s a fun way to end your panel discussion:  it’s the thirty-second rant.

Let your panelists know that this is how you are going close the panel discussion.  You’re not asking them to script their response, but you coach them by saying, “At the end of the panel discussion, I’m going to let you go off on anything that bugs you and you could talk for as long as you want.”

Actually, that’s a lie.  When you get to the end of the panel, you say ‘Ok, you can go on a rant but for thirty seconds and we’re going to time you exactly.”  Give them a 3-second countdown…and then you time each of their rants.

When all the participants have ranted, thank the panelists, and you’re done with your panel discussion!

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