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When Should You Use Microphones During a Panel Discussion?

I am often asked, “When do I NEED to use microphones during my panel discussion?”

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How to Use Event Technology During a Panel Discussion

When you have a large audience – let’s say anything over a hundred people – it can be a challenge to get everyone involved during a panel discussion.  Obviously, every person in the room can’t ask a question – the numbers just don’t work.  And don’t forget about that ONE person who hijacks the session with

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How to Use Twitter During a Panel Discussion

Your audience is fairly social-media savvy, so you’re thinking about using Twitter to engage the audience during your panel discussion.  Sounds pretty simple and straightforward, right?  Just project the twitter feed where you show ONLY the tweets with the designated meeting hashtag and then you just pull comments off the feed!


Catchbox: How to Use the Audience Engaging Event Technology Tool at Your Next Conference or Panel Discussion

I’m a HUGE fan of Catchbox, a throwable microphone that I use (almost) all the time for audience Q&A during interviews and panel discussions.