"Panels. The very word causes most of us to groan as it brings up feelings of dislike and disdain. Kristin Arnold has taken the dry, boring, traditional panel format and infused it with excitement, engagement and anticipation all for the audience’s pleasure. Her book Powerful Panels provides a step by step approach to creating 21st Century panels and is a must read for all who plan meetings, events and education formats."

Executive Vice President,
Education & Engagement,
Velvet Chainsaw Consulting

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  • Tips and techniques that professional panel moderators rely on so you'll know what to do...and what not to do!
  • A simple 5-step process so your panelists will deliver amazing value to the audience - and you'll look brilliant!
  • How to start the conversation and keep it moving at a brisk pace.
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Powerful Panels by Kristin Arnold

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